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HaxeFlixel Conversions: Beginning Game Programming

This project is a repository HaxeFlixel conversions of the projects, tutorials, and games created in the book "Beginning Game Programming" by Michael Morrison.

This book was written as an introduction to creating game engines using C++. The goal of this project is to take the project code from that book and convert it to HaxeFlixel.

The code will be made freely available to the public under the MIT open source license.

Project Notes and Updates

You can follow the goals, notes and updates for the overall goal of this project at


This project will contain HaxeFlixel versions of the final project from each of the following chapters. Chapter 1 is excluded because it contains no code examples.

  • 2: Creating an Engine for Games
  • 3: Learning to Draw Basic Graphics
  • 4: Drawing Graphical Images
  • 5: Controlling Games with the Keyboard and Mouse
  • 6: Example Game: Brainiac
  • 7: Improving Input with Joysticks
  • 8: Example Game: Light Cycles
  • 9: Making Things Move with Sprite Animation
  • 10: Managing a World of Sprites
  • 11: Example Game: Henway
  • 12 Playing Digital Sound Effects
  • 13: Playing MIDI Music
  • 14: Example Game: Battle Office
  • 15: Animating the Appearance of Sprites
  • 16: Creating Backgrounds for Your Sprites
  • 17: Example Game Meteor Defense
  • 18: Teaching Games To Think
  • 19: Example Game: Space Out
  • 20: Adding Pizzazz to Yur Game with a Splash Screen
  • 21: Showing off Your Game with Demo Mode
  • 22: Keeping Track of High Scores
  • 23: Changing Perspective with Scrolling Backgrounds
  • 24: Example Game: Stunt Jumper



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