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SCSimulator - An Open-Source, Scalable Smart City Simulator

SCSimulator is an open-source, scalable Smart City simulator with the aim of simulate many Smart City complex scenario such as traffic management, waste management, and smart grids. This simulator is built on top of Sim-Diasca, a general-purpose, large-scale, discrete-event simulator. Figure 1 presents an execution of the simulator using the map of São Paulo.

Mapa Figure 1 - SCSimulator.

Table of Contents

  1. Installing SCSimulator - https://github.com/ezambomsantana/smart-city-simulator/wiki/Installation
  2. SCSimulator Architecture - https://github.com/ezambomsantana/smart-city-simulator/wiki/Architecture
  3. SCSimulator Actors - https://github.com/ezambomsantana/smart-city-simulator/wiki/Actors
  4. SCSimulator Videos - https://github.com/ezambomsantana/smart-city-simulator/wiki/Videos
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