Activate Google account sync of Chromium on Mac
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Secured way to enable sync for official/non-official(local build) and stable/non-stable version of Chromium on Mac while keeping APIs safe, without globally exposing keys.

How to run

Before running, you must have Google API keys (steps 6 to 10)

You can also use keys used in chromium for linux platform:-

export GOOGLE_API_KEY="AIzaSyCkfPOPZXDKNn8hhgu3JrA62wIgC93d44k"

Install Chromium. You can get it using brew (recommended no doubt) Stable release:-

brew cask install freesmug-chromium

Unstable release:-

brew cask install chromium


from macchrome repo. Any version will do, should not be NOSYNC(check sync/nosync in the names)

git clone
cd ChromiumSyncEnabler

Run using any python on Mac, e.g.:-

python ./


python3 ./

NOTE: If you relocate app to $HOME/Applications or /Applications then re-run to reactivate.

Follow on-screen instructions

Report Issues

Write here

To Do

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