Super fast progressive web app with small footprint & minimal dependancies
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A Super fast progressive web app with a small footprint & minimal dependencies.

Features universal rendering, redux, state-driven routing, preact, & service workers. Crunched & optimized with rollup, buble, optimize-js, & purify-css.

Live version (zeit):

bundle sizes & performance

Bundle Size:            28.63 KB, 9.64 KB Gzipped
Webpage test:           A, A, A
pagespeed:              100
lighthouse:             100

Getting Started


Make sure that Node v7 is installed.

Make sure that yarn is installed.


First, clone the repo

$ git clone

Then, install all dependencies:

$ yarn

Finally, to run the project for development:

$ yarn dev

Or, to run the project for production:

$ yarn start

performance insights (note: incomplete)


Using 192x192 for minimum sized icon, omitting other sizes to reduce downloads for users reference


  • we can shave off ~10 KB, ~3kb Gzipped by pruning preact-redux & manually connecting