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Indie games studio. we <3 HTML5, believe in serious-gaming, and promote game developement in Morocco ^_^

Popular repositories

  1. EZGUI Public

    EZGUI - The missing GUI for Pixi.js and

    JavaScript 429 97

  2. : a nodejs bidirectional RPC that can use WebSocket, WebRTC or XHR fallback as transport layers

    JavaScript 344 31

  3. EPSy Public

    a Particles system for Phaser and Pixi

    JavaScript 38 15

  4. ts2haxe Public

    TypeScript to haxe converter

    JavaScript 33 4

  5. A native nodejs module implementing A* with JPS path finding algorithm.

    C++ 10 7

  6. eee Public

    Ezelia Entities Engine

    TypeScript 8



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