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This is a responsive, touch & mobile compatible Wordpress theme using php, bootstrap, JQuery, JS, JSon, Leaflet and Mapbox API based theme for Wordpress.
Designed for any image driven blogin' experience.
-Map browsing, thumbnails grouping
-High res zoomeable Images
-Custom Mapbox themes
-Both front end theme and back end Admin panels for quick editing custom fields provided
-Optimized to show lots of images even in slow devices as a smooth browing experience.

Check out the live version -> Here
photos.ezequielm.com wordpress theme. Read below for all the Features and roadmap!

My image

Map browsing

Thumbnails Size

Zoomable Images

Version 2.0:


  • Updated mapbox, now using styleLayer
  • Mapbox-gl
  • Custom made old style map, using sea depths, masks, and image layers for fancy boat images
  • due to async ajax call issues, photos JSON is now a static js file taken from /worldMapJSON until i can sort it out.

Version 2.0b:


  • Based on Bootstrap, JQuery, Leaflet and Mapbox
  • improved performance for lower end devices
  • admin control panel, posts quick edit, and bulk edit
  • single post panel moved to the left
  • replaced googleMaps with leaflet and opensource mapbox
  • location breadcrumbs added to thumbnail mouse over
  • better structured categories
  • custom modified js leaftlet clusters to spiderfy thumbnails at a zoom level
  • custom mapbox style

The theme features:

  • responsive website
  • mobile and touch compatible
  • auto size and adjustments for desktop, tablet and mobiles
  • top menu for main categories and pages
  • customize layout from 1 to 12 photos per row, for each: desktop tabler and mobiles
  • top fixed bar and footer, for related links, information, copyright, or even adds
  • custom fields for:
    1. gps Coords
    2. thumbnail
    3. midRes
    4. HighRes (using leaflet)
    5. facebook og and twitte card tags
    6. copyrights, license and photo info credits


After failing to find a nice image driven theme for wordpress to show my photos that would not look like every other theme. I started doing my own. Quickly it grew up into quite big enough project, with lots of features added over a period of one year and a half. Now, I'm planning to extend it and making it more flexible for people to use it and customize, keeping it openSource, while retaining the original idea of the image driven blogging.

Feel like contributing? fork away!

Looking forward to hear from you!

To do:

  • general House Keeping
  • wordpress 100% compatible code needed
  • search by color need better color picker, jquerys one?
  • when pressing back on the browser, the rgb fields are correct, but picker gets resetted
  • replace krpano for gigapan viz with mapbox or other opensource tool
  • make
  • get controls from inside wp-admin panel theme editor for:
    1. columns count for sm, md, lg
    2. thumbs size and ratio
    3. select the category to do breadcrumbs on mouse over
  • bring comments back to the theme
  • and probably a lot more

Quick setup on a existing wordpress:

Compatible with wordpress 3 to 3.9 and php versions 3 to 5.x

  1. copy this entire repo to your wordpress folder
  2. desired, create a new database for your wordpress photo blog
  3. login to your wp-admin
  4. go to themes and select the Eze theme
  5. go to eze settings, and click on every save changes in the page to force the site and admin Options into the DB.
  6. read below "testing" to quickly setup 1 image and view the theme.

Quick start up for coding on local environment:

Compatible with wordpress 3 to 3.9 and php versions 3 to 5.x

  1. Install apache, mySql, php, and phpMyAdmin
  2. activate apache's modRewrite module
  3. change you home dir configuration (ie: /var/www/html) from override None to override All
  4. if you are in a RedHat based distro (redhat, centos, or fedora), either configure SELinux properly or disable it.
  5. copy this entire repo to your www root
  6. from your ../wwwRootFolder do chown -R apache * to transfer the files ownership to the apache user. This will avoid wordpress to ask for an ftp password and having to setup an ftp server when uploading files or installing plugins
  7. chown apache -r
  8. set permissions as stated in wordpress codex
  9. create your database in utf8-unicode
  10. modify the wp-config.php to include you DB name, username, password, host,
  11. login to your wp-admin
  12. go to eze settings, and click on every save changes in the page to force the site and admin Options into the DB.


ca-dirtCart.jpg is supplied for testing purposes

  1. create a post with a test title, and add "ca-dirtCart.jpg" (without quotes) to the small img, midRes, and highRes images. Set the lat and long coords to 13.61117537 and 106.49906158
  2. create a second, a third and a forth post, with the same information.
  3. open you http://localhost to see the them working
  4. click on any of the images
  5. When inside the post, click on the mid resolution image to see the left panel sliding in with the photo info, post content, highResolution link, gps coords with google maps thumbnail, and tags/categories the photo is included in.
  6. You can also open http://localhost/world-map to see the picture tagged with a marker inside the map, click on it to see the facebook thumbnail, and click on the thumbnail to go to the post.