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Credit by Zlatko Najdenovski, Flaticon License   pdfwordcounter

pdfwordcounter is a very minimal Mac GUI for counting words in a PDF. It's useful for all those situations where word counts are needed, and not easily obtainable from PDF files. I created this because I was quite annoyed with having to deal with PDF word counting for my MPhil disssertation, and it was easier to make a wrapper for the command line prompts. Nothing here is remotely original, but it does make an annoying process slightly more pleasant. Clicking on this sentence will take you to the latest release of the app.

The app is essentially a wrapper for xpdf, making use of the pdftotext command. I "wrote" a very very very minimal bash script which passes the file added to xpdf. I then made the wrapper for the script using platypus. If you're interested in building the app yourself, then download "my" script, xpdf, and platypus.

The wonderful icon for this project is by Zlatko Najdenovski, and was found on Flaticon, and is licenced under the Flaticon License.

I'm not entirely sure I've actually created anything here as much as shoved a bunch of other people's brilliant contributions together, but in the event there is any original code lurking somewhere, then it is all licensed on the MIT license.


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