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Lightweight Android agile helper for console applications. It is based on C++ Boost, Scala, AspectJ
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DigiControl Logo DigiControl

Please install DigiControl and DigiSSHD simultaneously. This is two parts of the single application.

DigiControl is agile helper for console applications such as a network services, local utilites and so on. This is interactive software that allowing for a fine-grained control of who is allowed to access what or how many services at which time and log all that. This is lightweight Android application that based on C++ Boost, Scala, AspectJ

DigiControl is proprietary commercial software. You may bought this software for our best price as low as 0.00 in your country's local currency.

Alpha stage software

Key futures.
  • bind services to a specific IP addresses
  • interactive/predefined access control
  • start only enabled services
  • log session history
  • it is modular and easy to integrate with new components
  • application component are multithreaded, asynchronous and event driven. Functional part of Scala nature allow to concentrate on primary target. AOP with AspectJ weaving reduce redundant code.
  • service component is rapid and careful for battery life. Bridge based on BOOST C++ library. This enables us to benefit from epoll. Bridge is single threaded. There are no mutexes, semaphores, conditional variables, etc. There are only asynchronous events.
  • at this time it is fully functional, has no ads and can be used for an unlimited period

Feel free to translate or modify documentation, edit wiki or add comments.

Having question, suggestion or idea about the software? Contact us open issue.

Our vision.

We want to encourage this collaborative and community-oriented approach and extend it to all development over the world. We are taking things to a different level by proposing the following:

  • we prefer optionware way, anyone pay only reasonable price
  • we give you software
  • you give us feedback and efforts to make it better


What do you think?

Are we crazy? Want to help?

Let us know:

Readme [ru]



Copyright © 2011-2012 Alexey B. Aksenov/Ezh. All rights reserved.

PS FYI GitHub Wikis are the simplest way to contribute content. Any GitHub user can create and edit pages to use for documentation, examples, support or anything you wish.

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