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common code for all android-digiNNN projects
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This is common part of all android-digiNNN software. If you are developing an application and want to include the shared code or resources from a library project, you can do so easily by adding a reference to this one. A small example about using library in Eclipse environment located at

Of course you may use it with your preferred environment like Netbeans, Idea, Ensime or whatever you like.

Feel free to translate or modify documentation, edit wiki or add comments.

Having question, suggestion or idea about the software? Contact us or open issue.




  • online dalvikvm analysis with adb logcat, awk and grc

dynamic log analysis with awk

  • offline dalvikvm analysis with internal report generator, gedit and digi.lang highlighter

static log analysis with gedit

  • offline dalvikvm analysis with internal report generator and VIM

static log analysis with VIM


  • Alexey Aksenov


The DigiLib Project is licensed to you under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0, a copy of which has been included in the LICENSE file. Please check the individual source files for details.


Copyright © 2011-2012 Alexey B. Aksenov/Ezh. All rights reserved.

PS FYI GitHub Wikis are the simplest way to contribute content. Any GitHub user can create and edit pages to use for documentation, examples, support or anything you wish.

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