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Welcome to the reminder wiki! - API here


  • download dist/reminder-0.0.1.tar.gz from github source tree
  • unpack
  • make sudo python install

that's all

reminder-0.0.1.tar.gz -

How to use

1. Predefine tags in preferences dialog (look at screenshot)

There are three types of tags:

notification - simple gnome notify popup window (parameter is empty or message)

resource - notify popup + open document with external command in background (mplayer for example)

command - notify popup + execute command in shell (echo 321 > /tmp/zzz for example)

2. Add tag to task

every tag must start from new string

tag arguments is time in atd format or cron (but with # prefix)

Example tags

atd reminders example

@test now +1 min
@test 0815am Jan 24
@tuktuk 8 :15amjan24
@remind now "+ 1day"
@remind 5 pm FRIday
@test 17 utc+ 30minutes
@tuktuk 2pm + 1 week
@tuktuk 2pm next week

Please, look for atd manual.

Check atq after close task with at tag

cron reminders example

noisy reminder that i like much
@test # * * * * *
In 2011 CE on the 11th to 26th of each month in January to June every third minute starting from 2 past 1am, 9am and 10pm
@remind # 2-59/3 1,9,22 11-26 1-6 ? 2011

and so on

Please, look for cron manual.

Check crontab -l after close task with cron tag


preferences dialog

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