Ethernet/UDP enhancements to Kegbot's Arduino Kegerator controller, a flexible multi-function board. Firmware, schematics, Python library. Flow sensing, DS1820 temperature sensing, relay control, ID-12 RFID, and buzzer support.
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This is Kegboard, the Arduino-based beer kegerator controller from Kegbot. You can use Kegboard with Kegbot, or something else.

The main repository is located at:

You can find more information about Kegboard at:

More Info & Help

If you're reading this on Github, please note that we don't maintain much documentation there.

Please see our main website,, for documentation, the Kegbot Forum, and the Kegbot Blog.

You can also find us on #kegbot on freenode IRC.

You should definitely follow @kegbot on Twitter, all the cool kids are.

License and Copyright

All code is offered under the GPLv2 license, unless otherwise noted. Please see LICENSE.txt for the full license.

All code and documentation are Copyright 2003-2012 Mike Wakerly, unless otherwise noted.


We love getting patches! Send us a pull request, or hop on to IRC if you'd like to chat about something substantial.