Chrome extension for that hides unwanted posts.
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VKleaner is a tool for than hides unwanted post from news feed.

Do you have problem with reading your personal news feed on like me? I don't want to read trash from groups and public pages I'm not subsribed. I don't want to view posts with links on QA-sites such as, and others. VKleaner is nice tool that can hide posts given types and save you time.

VKleaner can:

  • Hide reposts by friends from group you're not subsribed.
  • Hide reposts by friends from other friends.
  • Hide posts with links on different sites.
  • Hide posts containig videos and musics.
  • Hide sharing of groups.
  • Hide sharing of events.
  • Hide posts by apps.

If you're afraid to miss something important you can setup application that it will collapse all unwanted posts rather than deleting it from feed. Collapsed messages will contain author's name and you can expand it just by click.

VKleaner is an open source tool and you're welcome to contribute.


Evgeny Zhlobo <>


Dmitry Zhlobo for testing and text reviews.

Olga for app design and bug reporting.

Inna Avramenko for help with pushing to Chrome Store.


VKleaner distributed under MIT license.