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#lang racket
(require "shilldb.rkt")
; Function that displays employee directory to an employee with id `id`
; Maybe allows employee to interact with directory, but employee can only update
; their own record and should only be able to edit their name
(define/contract (display-employees id emp)
(->i ([id integer?]
[emp (id) (view/c #:fetch (list "fetch" #t) #:update (list "update" #t any/c any/c (λ (v) (where v (format "id = ~a" id)))))])
[result any/c])
(update emp "name = 'Jerry'"))
; It is fine to look at the employees table, but you can only look at the salaries of employees in your department (department 0)
; After you join the salaries on the employees in your department, running a fetch on the view is fine
(define (build-emp-salary-pair emp sal)
(define/contract emp/c (view/c #:fetch (list "fetch" #t) #:where (list "where" #t) #:join (list "join" #t (λ (v) (where v "department = 0")))) emp)
(define/contract sal/c (view/c #:join (list "join" #t values
(view/c #:fetch (list "fetch" #t)
#:where (list "where" #t)))) sal)
(define/contract vp/c (view-pair/c #:join (list "join" #t (λ (v) (where v "lhs_id = rhs_empid")))) (build-view-pair emp/c sal/c))
(define (reveal-salaries vp)
(fetch (pjoin vp "")))
(module+ test
(define emp (open-view "examples/employees/employees.db" "employees"))
(define sal (open-view "examples/employees/employees.db" "salaries"))
(display-employees 0 (open-view "examples/employees/employees.db" "employees"))
(reveal-salaries (build-emp-salary-pair emp sal))