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My Puppet Conf

This is just an example project showing how to get a Ruby on Rails environment up and running with just one command line using Puppet. It was original created for (but it can be easily modified to run with other setups):

  • Ubuntu 13.10 (since it’s one of the most supported distros in the linux community)
  • Rbenv as Ruby manager (there is no way of developing ruby without a Ruby Version Manager. You can user RVM as well)
  • Postgresql (since it’s 100% open source and it’s the heroku default)
  • VIM (with janus distribution)
  • Nodejs (since it’s the most popular and stable JS engine)
  • Git (it doesn't need any explanation)

Any contribution for improving it (like proposing a better way of writing the config) or add more features to it (like supporting others linux distributions) is very welcomed :).