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Virtual Machine Setup for Zend Expressive Workshop

Welcome, the workshop is hands-on where you will actually be coding while you learn. This setup will help you with the following:

You will need to install VirtualBox and Vagrant in order to run the virtual machine for the workshop environment.

  1. Install VirtualBox
  1. Install Vagrant

After the installation of Vagrant you can clone the repository ezimuel/zend-expressive-workshop using the following command:

git clone

Move inside the zend-expressive-workshop folder and execute composer to install the vendor libraries for zend-expressive:

composer install

If you don't have composer, you can install from here.

After the execution of composer you can start up the Vagrant box with the following command:

vagrant up

If you don't have the ubuntu/xenial64 box installed in your Vagrant environment this operation will take some time.

After the setup, you will have a Ubuntu 16.04 VM with Nginx and PHP 7 running on your localhost:8080. The web directory of the VM server it's the public local folder. You will have also the web server log mounted on the log local folder, to simplify the debug of the PHP application.

If you want to connect to the VM you can SSH into it, using the command:

vagrant ssh

If you want to close/stop the VM you can use the following command:

vagrant destroy


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