Titanium development with style.
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Tintan - Titanium development with style!

A coffee-script based tool for adding coffee, bdd and node_modules to your Titanium development.


Tintan integrates state of the art tools into your Titanium development.

Featuring a ready to use setup for building projects with useful Jake tasks, being able to write applications in CofeeScript without having to worry about compiling them, managing your project dependencies using NPM and allowing to include node modules on your mobile application using ender.js


  • Painless installation and project setup.
  • Integrated build with Titanium Studio.
  • CLI (tasks) for when you feel more confortable building from the command line.
  • Allows you to write CoffeeScript sources and get them automatically compiled.
  • Integrate BDD to your development and ensure all tests succeed on production builds.
  • Include vendor node modules for using within your app by using ender.js


  $ npm install -g tintan

  # cd /your/titanium/project

  $ tintan

  # Get an overview of available tasks
  $ tintan -T


Normally Tintan will try to guess your current environment setup, you can however force a particular setting by exporting one of the following variables:

TI_PLATFORM   - The platform for mobile development: 'android', 'iphone', 'mobileweb', 'module'

                By default if your OS is Linux, android will be used,
                on Mac iphone will be selected by default.

TI_HOME       - The Titanium directory containing mobilesdk/ subdir.

                On Linux, ~/.titanium if found.
                On Mac /Library/Application Support/Titanium

TI_SDK        - The version of the Titanium SDK to use.

                By default the greatest version installed on $TI_HOME/mobilesdk

TI_PYTHON     - The python executable to run Titanium scripts.

                By default the python found in PATH

IOS_VERSION   - The version of iOS to target, eg. 4.0, 5.0 

                Default: max value of ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/

ANDROID_SDK   - The location of the Android development kit.

                Default: on Mac the max value of /usr/local/Cellar/android-sdk/* if any.

AVD           - The Android virtual device to use for development.

                Default: none.