A Ruby client library for Redis
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benchmarking Remove traces of optional thread safety. Mar 13, 2012
examples Update Unicorn example. Mar 12, 2012
test Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/misc' Mar 14, 2012
.gitignore Don't generate documentation for private APIs Feb 2, 2012
.yardopts First pass at inline documentation Feb 14, 2012
CHANGELOG.md Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/misc' Mar 14, 2012
README.md REPO MOVED to https://github.com/redis/redis-rb Mar 15, 2012
Rakefile Cutest doesn't fork anymore; use ENV var to pass driver Aug 19, 2011
TODO.md Update CHANGELOG; add TODO Apr 11, 2011
redis.gemspec Repo moved, yay! Mar 13, 2012