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FuzzPy - Release Notes
FuzzPy 0.4.2
- improved intersection and union for fuzzy numbers
- some bug fixes in graphs and fuzzy graphs
FuzzPy 0.4.1
- support for Python 3
- fuzzy number addition/subtraction
- visualization support for all classes of fuzzy numbers
- numerous internal improvements
FuzzPy 0.4.0
- new plugin-based visualization framework
- rework of IndexedSet class (improved correctness and performance)
- major usability improvements to fuzzy set and graph classes
- documentation generated from setup.py
FuzzPy 0.3.0
- improved polygonal fuzzy number class
- plotting module
- various examples
- switched to LGPL3 licensing
FuzzPy 0.2.3
- polygonal and Gaussian fuzzy number classes
- conversion from other fuzzy number types to polygonal
- switched real number handling back to floats (decimal was too cumbersome)
FuzzPy 0.2.2
- triangular fuzzy number class
- efficient union operator
- mnemonics for t-norm/t-conorm types for union and intersection
- mu method in fuzzy graphs works on vertices
- improved memory usage
- full PEP 8 compliance
FuzzPy 0.2.1
- support for multiple t-norm/t-conorm types for union and intersection
- changed contents behaviour: mu = 0 means an element is not in a fuzzy set
- mu-by-key method in fuzzy set class
FuzzPy 0.2.0
- refactored fuzzy set class (new indexed set base class)
- improved fuzzy number functionality
- fuzzy set overlap
- yager complement
FuzzPy 0.1.1
- trapezoidal fuzzy number class
- various Python-related improvements
FuzzPy 0.1.0
- Floyd-Warshall all-pairs shortest path algorithm for fuzzy graphs
- shortest path subgraph method for fuzzy graphs
- various additional functionality for fuzzy graphs
- unit testing module
There are no release notes for the 0.0.x versions.