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Welcome to the BerryCloud project

Originated from the ownCloud & Western Digital collaboration to make an out of the box safe cloud storage available to the public. This build has not been selected to be distributed, nevertheless we decided to finish the build.

The build includes:

  • Base OS: Ubuntu Core 15.10 with apt-get package manager

  • Redis, PHP 7.0, Fail2Ban, Apache2, ClamAV, LVM2, Webmin, MySql and Libre Office Writer

  • Possibility to use an external USB device as ROOT partition, BOOT stays on the Micro SDCard

  • 2 GB swap file / 2 GB swap partition

  • OCIPV6 ownCloud app enabled, handles free DynDns, upnp router forwarding look here

  • DDClient dyndns for larger commercial orgs like: DynDns, easydns etc.

  • Letsencrypt free ssl certificates.

  • Default safely overclocked with settings that do not void your RaspberryPI warranty!!!

We are trying to expand our hardware compatibility, if your a hardware dev who could supply the hardware to test please contact ezra@techandme.se

If you have your own board and would like BerryCloud on it, please also contact the above email and have an SSH route to the machine ready!

If you encounter any issues please use the issue tracker.

Tech and Me

We at Tech and Me dedicate our time building and maintaining Virtual Machines so that the less skilled users can benefit from easy setup servers.

Here is an example of VM's we offer for free:

  • ownCloud
  • ownCloud on a RaspberryPI
  • WordPress
  • Minecraft
  • Access manager
  • TeamSpeak

Its as easy as downloading the virtual disk image, mounting it and use it!

For great guides on Linux, ownCloud and Virtual Machines visit Tech and Me