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A Smart Telegram Bot by Ezra Lazuardy
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A Smart Telegram Bot by Ezra Lazuardy.
This Bot is DEPRECETATED due to service change by the Heroku and (now is Dialogflow)

Ezra's Bot use a service from Dialogflow and Heroku (for the weather service)

Why Ezra's Bot use a service from Dialogflow?

  • With Dialogflow services, Ezra's Bot can running through Facebook, Line messaging, Telegram messaging and many more!

  • With Dialogflow you also can add your custom WebHook for your needs! (WebHook currently set as Weather service WebHook from Heroku as default)

What can Ezra's Bot do?

  • You can get recent weather update in any city (Using Yahoo Weather Forecast API)

  • You can add a joke or something else there

How to edit the source?

  • First you should go to Dialogflow

  • Open Console (need login account) or sign up new account.

  • Create new Agent, and edit your Agent name

  • Download the "Ezra'"

  • Choose Upload as zip and choose the .zip that you've downloaded

  • You can start editing the content

  • Just for your info, the bot command is inside the "Intent" (in "User says")

Current supported languange:

  • Indonesian Languange
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