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/* supp.h miscellaneous support routines */
/* (c) in 2008-2010 by Frank Wille */
#ifndef SUPP_H
#define SUPP_H
struct node {
struct node *next;
struct node *pred;
struct list {
struct node *first;
struct node *dummy;
struct node *last;
void initlist(struct list *);
void addtail(struct list *,struct node *);
struct node *remnode(struct node *);
struct node *remhead(struct list *);
void *mymalloc(size_t);
void *mycalloc(size_t);
void *myrealloc(void *,size_t);
void myfree(void *);
unsigned long long readval(int,void *,int);
void *setval(int,void *,int,unsigned long long);
unsigned long long readbits(int,void *,unsigned,unsigned,unsigned);
void setbits(int,void *,unsigned,unsigned,unsigned,unsigned long long);
void copy_cpu_taddr(void *,taddr,size_t);
void fw8(FILE *,unsigned char);
void fw32(FILE *,unsigned long,int);
void fwdata(FILE *,void *,size_t);
void fwalign(FILE *,taddr,taddr);
int fwsblock(FILE *,sblock *);
size_t filesize(FILE *);
char *convert_path(char *);
int stricmp(const char *,const char *);
int strnicmp(const char *,const char *,size_t);
char *mystrdup(char *);
char *cnvstr(char *,int);
char *strtolower(char *);
taddr balign(taddr,taddr);
taddr palign(taddr,taddr);
taddr get_sym_value(symbol *);
taddr get_sym_size(symbol *);
taddr get_sec_size(section *);
taddr nreloc_real_addend(nreloc *);
void unsupp_reloc_error(rlist *);
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