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Efficient dynamic memory allocation Docs

This crate provides efficient multi-threaded heap allocation both on a per-object (i.e. fixed-size) or dynamic (i.e. malloc-like) basis. Most details are provided in the crate documentation.

Note, if you link in this crate to a Rust project (e.g. to use object-specific allocators), you will want to set the use_default_allocator feature. Without this feature, all existing dynamic allocation requests from the rest of the project will be slower.

To compile a dynamic library that can be loaded in existing C programs, use the elfc crate.


elfmalloc is currently in early alpha. Support on 64-bit Linux is relatively complete, although there are certainly undiscovered bugs. 32-bit support is theoretically sound, but completely untested. We are working towards 64-bit Mac support, but even simple programs will currently encounter bugs or crashes on Mac.

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