slab-alloc Docs

The slab allocator. This crate implements an allocator whose design is based on Jeff Bonwick's The Slab Allocator: An Object-Caching Kernel Memory Allocator.

The slab allocator is an object allocator - it allocates and caches objects of a fixed type, and provides performance improvements over a general-purpose allocator. The allocator types in this crate implement the ObjectAlloc and UntypedObjectAlloc traits defined in the object-alloc crate. The slab allocator implemented in this crate is currently single-threaded and cannot be accessed concurrently.

Like many object allocators, slab allocators cache objects in their constructed state, allowing expensive constructor calls to be elided in some circumstances.

The slab allocator implemented in this crate is not currently Sync - it can only be used by a single thread at a time.