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How to build the Solr extensions used in eZ Find ?
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**IMPORTANT NOTE** : Building the extensions is NOT mandatory for being able to
use eZ Find. The pre-built jar files are shipped with eZ Find.
This little note explains how to build the Solr extensions used in eZ Find.
In effect, a few additions were necessary to make the integration of Solr in eZ Publish complete.
You need to have the Ant_ utility installed and available to the user you are logged-in with.
.. _Ant:
You will then need to get Solr's libraries ( jar files ). Here is how you can proceed :
* Checkout Solr's trunk :
> svn checkout
* Navigate inside Solr's trunk. Build the distribution :
ant clean
ant compile
ant dist
You might encounter errors at compile time. Although very unlikely, if this should this be the case, try to reproduce the same procedure in one of the stable branches.
If you prefer a **very safe** approach, build the exact same version as the one
shipped with eZ Find.
* The jar files are created in the ``dist`` repository, right under your build root.
Move the jar files named ``apache-solr-*`` in your eZ Find extension : ``extension/ezfind/java/solr/lib/`` ( path given from eZ Publish's root ). The ``lib`` directory inside Solr's home may not exist. Create it.
* Navigate to the ``extension/ezfind/java/src/ezfind`` directory
* Run ``ant`` for explanations. ``ant build`` is what you need to do. You should now see the file ``ezsystems-ezfind-solr-extension-<version>.jar`` in the ``extension/ezfind/java/solr/lib/`` directory.
Then load/reload Solr, so that these new extensions are taken into account.
Shutdown the service the usual way, and restart it.
To test whether the new extensions were actuall taken into account, resolve the following URL in a browser :
You may need to adjust the hostname and the port.
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