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eZ Online Editor 5.x extension FAQ
1. eZ Online Editor 5.x is not activated in eZ Publish
Note: This is very general, look at the other questions
bellow to see if they better suite your problem before
you check these.
A. You will need to check if the extension is properly activated in site.ini.
Open 'settings/override/site.ini.append(.php)' and find the 'ExtensionSettings'
section. Under it you should have an entry that says:
Make sure there are no spaces before or after the name.
B. Make sure the old Online Editor (ezdhtml) is not also enabled.
C. Check your installation path. The correct path should like following:
eZ Publish Root - kernel
- lib
- doc
- bin
- design
- ...
- extension - ezoe - modules
- design
- ezxmltext
- settings
- ...
D. As of eZ Publish 4.1, you need to run ezpgenerateautoloads.php on
install so that eZ Publish can find the xml handler class in ezoe.
In this case you should be able to see an error in debug ouput /
error.log about missing 'eZOEXMLInput' handler.
F. Make sure you have cleared all the caches (both eZ Publish and browser).
G. Enable debug output or look in the error/warning logs of eZ Publish for clues
on what is going wrong.
2. eZ Online Editor 5.x is not activated in eZ Publish for other users then admin.
ezoe has its own set of access policy rules, so you need to give your
editors access to the ezoe module either with or without limitations.
See step 7 in INSTALL for more info.
3. After installation, I only get Disable editor button when editing
content, and the text 'advanced.block' where the editor should be.
A. Make sure you have correct apache rewrite rule. Have you restarted apache
after you changed the rewrite rules?
Look in INSTALL file, under #4 for more information on rewrite rules needed.
B. Make sure you are using one of the following web browsers:
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher,
Mozilla 1.8 or higher,
Firefox 2.0 or higher,
Netscape 9.0 or higher,
Safari 3.0 or higher,
Opera 9.5 or higher,
Chrome 1.0 or higher.
(It is always recommended to use the latest stable version of the browser)
Make sure that Javascript support is enabled in your web browser.
Note: Safari, Opera and Google Chrome is not well tested at this time, so if
you experience problems or unexpected result. Please try again in
Firefox or Internet Explorer and report the issue to us so we can fix it!
4. When I insert an image into the editor, it does not show the image.
Check the 'extension/ezoe/settings/content.ini.append.php' file, find line
under [RelationGroupSettings]. Is the image class identifier correct?
(or add file / line if it's not there)
5. When I insert an image into the editor, it disappears after storing.
Are you trying to insert image right before or after heading?
Note that images/objects can't be saved in the same line as heading.
Make sure you have permission to store the image in the placement you choose!
Make sure the upload limit of the image size is set high enough both in php settings,
apache settings and on the image class in eZ Publish ( it is 2Mb by default )
6. I click right mouse button on the selection, but see no 'Properties' there.
This feature is removed to allow users to use the browsers built in spell checker.
Click on the tag name in the 'Path:' to edit the tag properties or on the glowing
button (if there is a button specifically for the tag you have selected)!
7. Some popup dialogs does not work (merge cells / html source / color picker )
These popup dialogs requires that html/htm files are allowed to be loaded from design
folder. ( more specifically design/javscript/ )
Take a look at you apache rewrite rules to make sure they are not rewritten by apache.
See INSTALL if your running a .htaccess setup for how to make sure your rewrite rules
8. I select the align 'None' option, but image / embed object is still aligned right
This option is not supported on eZ Publish 4.0 as align=right is considered default
value if none is given. You'll need to upgrade to eZ Publish 4.1 or not use the option.
You can hide the option by overriding the selections using ezoe_attributes.ini:
# Override align options in embed pop up dialogs to hide None option
# for eZ Publish 4.0 compatibility
9. I enabled a TinyMCE button/extension, it works in editor but not on store/publish?
Only buttons / extensions mentioned in ezoe.ini are tested and therefor supported in
Online Editor. Why?
The is because OE uses ezxml as storage, so not everything in xhtml is supported directly,
this is on purpose to have a strict separation between content and presentation, and will
save you / others a lot of grief later when you want to import / export content to other
solutions since the content in clean xml.
So use classes, custom attributes or custom tags to extend your ezxml content, this is what
they are meant for. And most fancy (color|font|...) functionality in TinyMCE would have to
be re done to work with one of these ezxml extensions.
10. I can not select my images in search and browse view when clicking on image button!
After upgrading / updating or changing image settings you cannot select images anymore
when you browse / search for images.
This is most likely caused by missing image alias size 'small', witch is used by ezoe to
preview images, as well as some templates in eZ Publish / ezwebin uses it as well.
A Future version of eZ Publish will maybe add a setting to control this, but until then
you'll need to add the 'small' image alias.
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