Fork of "ezplatform" meta repository, contains code and dependencies for demo distribution of eZ Platform. Not recommended for a clean install for new projects, but great for observation and learning!
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eZ Platform Demo


What is eZ Platform ?

eZ Platform is a 100% open source professional CMS (Content Management System) developed by eZ Systems and the eZ Community.

eZ Platform is the 6th generation of eZ Publish, it is built on top of the Symfony framework (Full Stack). It has been in development since 2011, and integral part of the eZ Publish Platform 5.x as "Platform stack" since 2012.

What is eZ Platform Demo ?

eZ Platform Demo is an example of a simple website using eZ Platform. This example should not be use for starting a new project.


  • Blog
  • Gallery
  • Contact Form


Full requirements can be found on the Requirements page.

TL;DR: supported PHP versions are 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0 (for dev use), using mod_php or php-fpm, and either MySQL 5.5/5.6 or MariaDB 5.5/10.0.

Manual Installation

For simplified installation, alternatively see our Docker Tools Beta instructions in doc/docker-compose/

1. Install ezplatform-demo

Run composer create-project to install the demo with required dependencies:

curl -sS | php
php -d memory_limit=-1 composer.phar create-project --no-dev ezsystems/ezplatform-demo

Installation will ask you for database credentials and secret token for Symfony, other settings can stay as default.

2. Create a database

Then, create a new database using the following command:

php app/console doctrine:database:create

3. Install content

Next, run the following commands to install the demo and dump the assets:

php app/console ezplatform:install demo
php app/console assetic:dump --env=prod web

4. Configure virtual host

Recommended use

Configure virtual host by either taking examples from Nginx or Apache2 documentation, or by using provided script to generate from templates, for help see ./bin/ -h, example:

./bin/ --basedir=/var/www/ezplatform-demo \\
  --template-file=doc/apache2/vhost.template \\
  --host-name=ezplatform.demo \\
  | sudo tee /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ezplatform.demo.conf > /dev/null

Check and adapt the generated vhost config, and then restart Apache or Nginx. Note: If your web server is running as another user then owner of the files, change permissions to avoid issues.

Testing use

For just local testing without installing a full web-server, while slow you can also run PHP's built-in web server using the following command:

$ php app/console server:run

Note: While far from meant for production use, you can run the command above with --env=prod to disable debug.

Accessing the Demo

Your installation is now ready. You can access the demo using the following addresses (depending on the vhost configuration):

Issue tracker

Submitting bugs, improvements and stories is possible on If you discover a security issue, please see how to responsibly report such issues on

Running BDD

For instruction on how to run the functional tests, see


Copyright (C) 1999-2016 eZ Systems AS. All rights reserved.

LICENSE GNU General Public License v2