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⚠️ This release increases requirement on ezpublish-kernel to 6.13.6 / 7.2.5 or higher for literal conversion support to Richtext only release out at the time of writing wit this is eZ Platform v2.3.0 ⚠️

🎉 1.8.0 represent feature completion of XmlText to RichText conversion features 🎉

Changes in 1.8.0


  • EZP-29027: Added support for conversion of ezxmltest tag <literal> (#71)

Changes also part of 1.7.0

ℹ️ 1.7.x does not increase requirements and can continue to be used with eZ Platform 1.11+. ℹ️


  • EZP-29534: ezxmltext -> ricktext conversion: Possibility to fix problems in legacy db before conversion (#70)
  • EZP-29697: ezxmltext -> richtext conversion: Give user a report of custom tag usage (#80)

Fixes / Improvements

  • EZP-29385: Richtext : blockquote does not allow multiple titles on the same level (#2381)
  • EZP-29391: Richtext : superscript/subscript does not support <emphasis> and <link> tag (570893b)
  • EZP-29595: ezxmltext -> richtext conversion: <header> inside <paragraph> (#73)
  • EZP-29601: ezxmltext -> richtext conversion : Support for <literal class="html"> (#74)
  • EZP-29634: ezxmltext -> richtext conversion: <custom> inside <section> (#76)
  • PostgreSQL do not support alias in update queries (#78)


  • Fixed RichTextTest so that tests fails if unexpected logs messages are created (#75)
  • Travis fix (c750d95)