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@DominikaK DominikaK released this Oct 31, 2017 · 481 commits to master since this release

The highlights of this release are:

  • Added more editing features in Online Editor: sub, sup, strikethrough, quote and ordered list
  • Greatly improved full text search support on Solr allowing things like: "phrase" (group) +mandatory -prohibited AND && OR || NOT !
  • More secure user passwords hashing: bcrypt now default, with PHP 7.2 optionally Argon2i
  • Improved Varnish performance with switching default HTTPCache usage to use Varnsih xkey allowing: soft purge, better cache clearing logic and longer ttl

BC: Change for Varnish users

This release enables the ezplatform-http-cache Bundle by default as it has a more future-proof approach for HttpCache:

  • Cache tagging is more reliable at clearing all affected cache on, for instance, subtree operations, content type changes, etc.
  • More performant using xkey ("Surrogate Key") and soft purging, over BAN and growing ban list

This means:

  • There is a new VCL
  • Requires Varnish 4.1+ with varnish-modules (incl. xkey), or Varnish Plus where it is built in

Further reading in doc/varnish/

How to still use the old VCL and the old X-Location-Id headers

In all 1.x releases you will still be able to revert this and use the old deprecated system if you need to if you need to. To do that:

  • Keep using the VCL for BAN
  • Disable (comment out) EzSystemsPlatformHttpCacheBundle in app/AppKernel.php
  • Change app/AppCache.php back to extend eZ\Bundle\EzPublishCoreBundle\HttpCache

That is it, other changes added in 1.12 like increased cache ttl and fos_http_cache cache control rules for error pages should work also with BAN setup, and are thus optional.

Change log:

eZ Platform changes since version 1.11.0:

ezsystems/ezplatform-i18n changes since v1.3.0


  • EZP-27338: Cannot create content type in french

ezsystems/PlatformUIAssetsBundle changes since v3.3.0


  • EZP-27650: + button is not visible in RichText

ezsystems/PlatformUIBundle changes since v1.11.0


  • EZP-28030: Add more builtin Alloy buttons to OE for richer text formating needs
  • EZP-24699: Enrich Policy limitations view with links and human readable names
  • EZP-28104: As an Editor I want empty Performance tab removed
  • EZP-28072: [Role - Policy] - Translate limitations


  • EZP-27833: Missing '%id' parameter value in notification text after hidding location
  • EZP-27849: Missing '%contentName%' parameter value in notification text after sending folder to trash without permissions
  • EZP-27685: broken sorting of tabs when using addTabView-method
  • EZP-27650: + button is not visible in RichText
  • EZP-28039: Video width and height params are not saved during content creation
  • EZP-28003: Unable to go back to the Content structure after content move to the Media library
  • EZP-28130: Console error when moving empty richText field

ezsystems/ezplatform-solr-search-engine changes since since v1.4.2.1:


  • EZP-26806: Improve fulltext search query syntax
    Adds advance full text capabilities like:
    word "phrase" (group) +mandatory -prohibited AND && OR || NOT !
    This feature has been contributed by @pspanja
  • Implement new Cable interface for being able to tell API consumer what search features are supports.
    This bumps ezpublish-kernel requirements of this release to ~6.7.6 | ^6.11.4 | ^7.0
  • EZP-28088: Re-try connections when trying to reach Solr
  • EZP-28053: As a developer I want search engine capability interface on 1.7+ for search engine compatibility

Other notable changes:

  • Solr Bundle is now using PHPUnit v5.7 and higher, worked involved here is contributed by @MarioBlazek


  • EZP-28053: As a developer I want search engine capability interface on 1.7+ for search engine compatibility
  • EZP-28064: Solr search missing LIKE support

ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel changes since v6.11.0


  • EZP-24744: Increase password security
  • EZP-27508: As a Developer I want an API that removes a translation from a version
  • EZP-28044: As an Developer I want support for striked text in RichText
  • EZP-28053: As a developer I want search engine capability interface on 1.7+ for search engine compatibility
  • EZP-26806: Improve full text search
  • EZP-27864: As a REST Consumer I want to remove translation from a single Version
  • EZP-28148: Object States Limitations perform a lot of lookups


  • EZP-27780: Remove unused table from legacy SearchIndex
  • EZP-27758: Copied Content has different main language
  • EZP-27764: Translation removal does not update language mask for URL alias
  • EZEE-1716: Cannot render embedded ezimage in CollectionBlock Gallery View
  • EZP-27773: Database error while working with url aliases
  • EZP-27800: Regression in ezpagestorage at EZP-2688
  • EZP-27881: Links to documentation in clean installation data should point to instead of
  • EZP-27886: [PAPI] Wrong policy function name used by ContentService::removeTranslation
  • EZP-27876: TextLine Content Field Type Length Validation checks the number of bytes rather than the number of characters
  • EZP-27916: [Integration tests] Make SetupFactory autoloaded in root packages
  • EZP-27791: User hash lookup request returns 404 when using Map/URI siteaccess matcher
  • EZP-27562: Links in the RichText containing certain characters throw a validation error
  • EZP-28008: Make sure to clear remote id cache for ContentInfo on meta data updates
  • EZP-28020: Folder content type fix for cleandata.sql
  • EZP-28040: [PAPI] UrlAliasService does not remove languages during publishing
  • EZP-28118: Error in RelationConverter on content after editing relation field definition in legacy
  • EZP-28045: Cannot modify content after removing relation field from ContentType
  • EZP-28046: Renaming parent leads to redirect loop when accessing child location's old URL
  • EZP-28147: Updated user cannot log in

ezsystems/repository-forms changes since v1.9.0


  • EZP-24699: Enrich Policy limitations view with links and human readable names
  • EZP-28072: [Role - Policy] - Translate limitations
  • EZP-28077: As a bundle developer, I want to easily provide template for custom limitation value


  • EZP-27793: Cannot add field to contenttype if required ezstring with default empty value
  • EZP-27819: Template exception when editing policies with no node and subtree limitation
  • EZP-27873: Missing translation for role.policy.all_modules/role.policy.all_modules_all_functions in new policy form
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