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* File containing the rest bootstrap
* @copyright Copyright (C) 1999-2012 eZ Systems AS. All rights reserved.
* @license GNU General Public License v2
* @version //autogentag//
* @package kernel
require 'autoload.php';
require 'kernel/private/rest/classes/lazy.php';
// Below we are setting up a minimal eZ Publish environment from the old index.php
// This is a temporary measure.
// We want PHP to deal with all errors here.
eZDebug::setHandleType( eZDebug::HANDLE_TO_PHP );
$GLOBALS['eZGlobalRequestURI'] = eZSys::serverVariable( 'REQUEST_URI' );
$ini = eZINI::instance();
eZSys::init( 'index.php', $ini->variable( 'SiteAccessSettings', 'ForceVirtualHost' ) == 'true' );
$uri = eZURI::instance( eZSys::requestURI() );
$GLOBALS['eZRequestedURI'] = $uri;
// load extensions
eZExtension::activateExtensions( 'default' );
// setup for eZSiteAccess:change() needs some methods defined in old index.php
// We disable it, since we dont' want any override settings to change the
// debug settings here
function eZUpdateDebugSettings() {}
// load siteaccess
$access = eZSiteAccess::match( $uri,
eZSys::indexFile() );
$access = eZSiteAccess::change( $access );
// load siteaccess extensions
eZExtension::activateExtensions( 'access' );
// Now that all extensions are activated and siteaccess has been changed, reset
// all eZINI instances as they may not take into account siteaccess specific settings.
eZINI::resetAllInstances( false );
if( ezpRestDebug::isDebugEnabled() )
$debug = ezpRestDebug::getInstance();
$mvcConfig = new ezpMvcConfiguration();
$frontController = new ezpMvcConfigurableDispatcher( $mvcConfig );
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