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Fix EZP-26449: Wrong version translation list in eZContentOperationCo…



When publishing a content from legacy (e.g. from admin interface),
`content/publish` operation copies missing translations on the published
However, `eZContentOperationCollection::copyTranslations()` ignores the version
language mask when retrieving the translation list for the version to
publish, using `$version->translationList( false, false )`. While this is usually fine
as a translation is generally a full bunch of translated attributes,
this can lead to unexpected behavior, especially when using a mix of
legacy and platform scripts.

Typical example is when using a _wait until date_ workflow (legacy
admin/kernel), combined with several scripts from Symfony stack, like
migration scripts for example:

- Webmaster publishes from admin interface with a publication date set
  in the future. Content has several translations.
- DevOps deliver a new version of code with migration scripts to update
  ContentTypes, including the one used by the webmaster, to add 1 new
- Workflow cronjob is run to publish content from webmaster

The result here will be:

- Translation published by the webmaster will be OK
- All other translations will be broken, only having the new field.

This is due to `$version->translationList( false, false )` used in
`eZContentOperationCollection::copyTranslations`, called by the workflow
cronjob. This method will list all available translations for given
version, by calling a `SELECT DISTINCT language_code FROM
ezcontentobject_attribute`. As we
added a new field using the public API, all translations are taken into
account, instead of only published language.

Use `language_mask` from version instead of
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1 parent 2dfb5cb commit 97ffed4bf1687c933beb1575c4f7bcd031dcf6ed @lolautruche lolautruche committed Oct 17, 2016
Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 kernel/content/ezcontentoperationcollection.php
@@ -651,18 +651,18 @@ static public function copyTranslations( $objectID, $versionNum )
$publishedLanguageCodes = array_keys( $publishedLanguages );
$version = $object->version( $versionNum );
- $versionTranslationList = $version->translationList( false, false );
+ $versionTranslationList = array_keys( eZContentLanguage::languagesByMask( $version->attribute( 'language_mask' ) ) );
foreach ( $publishedVersionTranslations as $translation )
- if ( in_array( $translation->attribute( 'language_code' ), $versionTranslationList )
- || !in_array( $translation->attribute( 'language_code' ), $publishedLanguageCodes ) )
+ $translationLanguageCode = $translation->attribute( 'language_code' );
+ if ( in_array( $translationLanguageCode, $versionTranslationList )
+ || !in_array( $translationLanguageCode, $publishedLanguageCodes ) )
- $contentObjectAttributes = $translation->objectAttributes();
- foreach ( $contentObjectAttributes as $attribute )
+ foreach ( $translation->objectAttributes() as $attribute )
$clonedAttribute = $attribute->cloneContentObjectAttribute( $versionNum, $publishedVersionNum, $objectID );

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