Assets 2

Co-release with eZ Platform v2.3


  • Add a field to support "date object was trashed" (#1351)
    • This schema change bumps kernel conflict so this release so it can only be installed with eZ Platform 2.3 or higher if installed via legacy bridge
  • Update version number, it now does not refer to being alpha anymore on releases (only master)
    • Example: 2018.09 is v5.98.9 in places where not the human readable 2018.09 is shown


EZP-29379: Fixed changing of section not committing to the solr index. (#1378)

  • [PHP] Fix some PHP 7.2 deprecations (#1382)
  • EZP-29379: Option to skip indexing inside eZContentOperationCollection::updateSection (#1381)
  • Prevent race condition when generating TS cache (#1388)
  • Add BC constructor for eZContentUploadHandler to avoid issues with ezodf (#1392)
  • Atomic cache writes to prevent corrupt caches. (#1389)


  • [Travis] Enable test runs on 201x.xx branches
  • Fix missing SQL updates / schema for trashed column (#1393) & Fix update sql file name (ee7a687)

Contributions by: @thiagocamposviana & @omh helped make this release possible!