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eZ Tags extension changelog
1.2.2 (12.01.2012)
* Fix regression in ezpEvent hooks that could cause fatal errors in certain situations
* Remote ID support for eZ Tags (thanks Benjamin Choquet)
* Option to replace tag synonyms with main tag IDs when indexing (thanks Benjamin Choquet)
* Wildcard searching in tags/tags_by_keyword fetch (thanks Sander van den Akker)
* Various bug fixes
1.2.1 (22.12.2011)
* Updated ezpEvent hooks to be compatible with Smart Tags extension
1.2 (07.09.2011)
* Added script that can convert ezkeyword attributes to eztags attributes
* Added support for class attribute serialization (thanks Heliopsis)
* eztags datatype content now contains tags attribute to easily fetch all tags
added to object attribute
* fromString method in datatype is now more robust, due to certain conditions
that could lead to deleting all existing tags from attribute when importing
* Minor cosmetic changes in tags/id view in admin interface
* tags/id view in admin interface now also contains latest tags table, just as
* tags/id in admin interface now contains list of all subtags at the bottom of the
* Transfered "hide root tag" option from INI setting to class attribute setting
* eztags datatype can now be configured to set the max number of tags that can
be added to the attribute
* Added paging support in tags/view view
* Attribute filter now supports tag_id parameter as array of integers
* Few internal optimisations when editing and displaying tags
* Couple of small bugfixes (thanks Heliopsis)
1.1 (13.06.2011)
* New fetches (tags/list, tags/list_count, tags/tree, tags/tree_count)
* Added depth database column to eztags table to support the new fetches
* Renamed two existing fetches to better suit the naming scheme
IMPORTANT: This is a breaking change, see doc/bc/1.1/changes-1.1.txt
for more details!
* tags/object_by_keyword, along with the new name, now returns all fetched tags
IMPORTANT: This is a breaking change, see doc/bc/1.1/changes-1.1.txt
for more details!
1.0.1 (18.04.2011)
* Bugfix: Tag icons in tree menu did not work well with the override system (thanks Jérôme Vieilledent)
1.0 (04.04.2011)
* Initial release
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