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eZ Platform

eZ Platform Requirements Repository

Welcome to our new Requirements repository for eZ Platform development! eZ's Product Management team shares our collaborative work here, storing feature requirements in Markdown documents for easy access. You may also find PDF files, Word Docs, BDD, RAML... :)

Take a Look Around

There are only a few files here while we ramp up this new approach (this repository was born on February 8, 2017). The v2.0 branch is where you'll find most of our initial activity, PRs, and discussion:

What are all these empty folders?

As we have discussed a logical structure to organize files for requirements, we created empty folders to form a sort of skeleton with placeholders where requirements will be dropped in as we work. This can be tweaked and updated as we find ways to improve.

Here's an example: eZ Platform has an Administration UI, and the Administration UI has a feature we call the Universal Discovery Widget that allows you to discover content items. In a widget. Universally. ;)

You'd find an overview of its requirements here: /eZ Platform/Admin UI/Universal Discovery Widget/

And, until we get to it (likely when we next specify requirements related to improvements of that feature), the folder just has a basic boilerplate message holding its place for the future. Got ideas you'd like to drop in there? Read on.


Do you have some ideas you'd like to contribute to these requirements? It's easy! Simply fork this repository to your own GitHub account, checkout the branch you want to work with (e.g., git checkout v2.0), then make your own branch (with a useful and informative name, e.g. git checkout -b v2/feature/udw-suggestions) from that.

Make any changes or additions you'd like to propose, add, and commit. Push to your fork, then send a Pull Request back here to the branch you're targeting where we can discuss things together.

Target the Right Version!

The master branch will always represent eZ's current recommended product. Right now, that's eZ Platform v1.7 LTS. If you submit a Pull Request to master, you're asking for the requirements and specifications to be updated for v1.7 (probably not the one you meant, unless your Pull Request is just fixing a typo for that version). For example, if you're excited about the v2.0 project and want to contribute, you'd check out the v2.0 branch and make your working branch based on that one.

Start by checking out the branch representing the version you do want to work with, and send your Pull Request back to that branch so it goes into the right place. For example, if you want to propose edits to the requirements and specifications for v2.0, you would make your branch based on this repository's v2.0 branch: and send your PRs there.

Git doesn't like naming branches with the same starting name as an existing branch, so you'll notice the recommendation that you use v2/* instead of something like v2.0/*. That also fits well with our use of semantic versioning as the feature should be aimed at a major version, not a minor or patch.

Naming your working branch

Your Pull Request will show that it comes from your fork, so you don't need to add your name or initials to the branch. Try to give it a name that describes what you're working on. For example, one might create a branch called v2/feature/raml or v2/feature/rest-api-improvements if one wanted to contribute requirements for implementing the use of RAML with our REST API. The files would probably make sense in the /eZ Platform/APIs/REST/ folder. When you send your PR, we'll help you make sure it is aimed at the right branch (v2.0, the one you created yours from), and then everyone can review and comment to discuss.

What's a requirement? What's a specification?

This requirements repository is meant to hold, well, requirements. This means providing a detailed description of what the product must, should, and may do.

Here's a made-up, entirely fictional example:

We could say a feature must demonstrate the ability to log in using your GitHub account. We could say that feature should check whether your login is also associated with a Twitter-based login. We might say that the feature may offer to use your GitHub profile picture or specify to use your Gravitar.

Specific language such as Gherkin may be used.

The goal of requirements is to specify what must be done, and why.

Once Engineers (including you, if you're working on a contribution) are ready to get into detailed technical specifications, a much more detailed plan is needed to specify how things will be done, and where.

Requirements live here, in this repository.

Specifications live in the working repository for the product or feature:

Editing Your Files


If you'd like a good browser-based Markdown editor that can import, edit, and save MD files on GitHub, check out

There are also plugins available for your favorite editor or IDE. For example, here's one for Atom:

Other Formats

You don't have to use Markdown, but we encourage you to; it's what we'll use, but share files that express your vision for the feature clearly.

Starting Templates

You can start with one of the templates we're cultivating here if you like:


We're using GitHub Projects to track the status of features, so you can follow along too:

We have a label, "Epic", to signify epics we're working on. Each Epic tracks a feature. You can track along as the issues are moved through the different columns in the boards. Click an issue on the board to view and comment.

About eZ Platform

eZ Platform is the Symfony CMS, written in PHP and released under the GPLv2 open source license.

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition is available with additional features and full support from If you are an existing eZ Enterprise customer and would like to report an issue with the Enterprise Edition, please use:

Copyright (c) 1999-2017 eZ Systems Repository contents are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

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