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Testing demo app: DemoKit (https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/adk/adk_release_0512.zip)

Installation failed: (adb logcat)

E/PackageManager( 162): Package com.google.android.DemoKit requires unavailable shared library com.android.future.usb.accessory; failing!
W/PackageManager( 162): Package couldn't be installed in /data/app/com.google.android.DemoKit-1.apk

Not support? ADK is supported in Android 2.3.4
Source code? I don't found com.android.future in source code

Resource: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/usb/adk.html

How to I help you?



Hrm... I think many things are not set up for this functionality.. (kernel, permissions, and build flags)

Will try to correct it over the next few releases.. can't promise everything will work out of box.. but hopefully the protocol can be supported.. thus if you find a device + wires + adapter it might work.



I see you already enabled the option in the kernel config:


But I tried connecting to official hardware but it didn't work:
ADB: Package com.google.android.DemoKit requires unavailable shared library com.android.future.usb.accessory; failing!

In the device path:
The next library is not found: com.android.future.usb.accessory.jar
Maybe i need to build or generate library?

Could this information in this link help?:

Is there anything I could do to help you getting this achieved?


I built from source, the library was generated in the path: /system/framework and the size and permissions are:
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2787 Aug 1 2008 com.android.future.usb.accessory.jar

but, I get the same message:

E/PackageManager( 175): Package com.google.android.DemoKit requires unavailable shared library com.android.future.usb.accessory; failing!

Will it be necessary register the library? or anything similar?


Before pulling out too much hair you may wish to install your own build (ie. not just the jar file) if you havn't already and wipe dalvik cache.. could be something got confused.

Otherwise I'm not sure why it doesn’t think the library is installed. I'm not seeing anything at a glance anyway that is missing; The error you are getting is a generic installer error (missing library) and nothing specific to the Open Accessory library. Might want a logcat of the boot after the dalvik wipe to see if there was any issue registering the new library.

I'm working on other aspects atm trying to pull together the next beta.. but let me know if you find something that needs patching.



Put in the path (/etc/permissions) the next xml:

with the following lines:

Or sync the repo with official.

@hpsaturn hpsaturn closed this Jul 13, 2011

Hello everyone,
I would like to install ezgingerbread on my Ideos U8150 to use the Arduino with ADK.
With CyanogenMod 7 i can install Demokit, but I can not to communicate with the Arduino.
Can you help me?


Hi Antonio,
tnx for your attention.
The logcat eclipse does not return error and Arduino code is certainly right.
My problem is that in CyanogenMod 7 for Ideos lack the ADK.
I need a kernel 2.6.35+ for my Ideos U8150 or another kernel with ADK.

My error, read from serial monitor of Arduino, is:

Device addressed... Requesting device descriptor.
found possible device. swithcing to serial mode
Data packet error: 5could not read device protocol version

tnx for your help.



You recompiled and added the appropriate flags in the kernel from source? like:


Yes i have recompiled my kernel,

but CONFIG_USB_ANDROID_ACCESSORY is not present :(

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