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StrobeHUB is a place where both professional and amateur musicians can collaborate to create music. Anyone can view a project and submit their own edits and improvements to the mix. Think of it as a Github for music.

StrobeHUB is a Dev Bootcamp final project by Erik Allar, Lora Abe, Danny Houk, and Jack Zhou. We use Javascript for the music editor interface, HTML5 Web Audio API for audio processing, and Rails on the back end.

Erik is a 400lb (of pure muscle) body builder with a heart of gold. His passion is making music creation available for all. His favorite foods are chicken, oatmeal, oatmeal, chicken, chicken, chicken, and chicken.

Lora is a red panda lover and professional garlic hummus taster. She loves biking, stealing Jack's sunglasses, and only temperatures between 72 and 76 degrees.

Danny is a man who was born on the wrong continent. His tongue belongs to the Castilian dialect, his feet to the roller derbies of underground Madrid, and his heart to a woman he's never met named Maria.

Jack is modern day Renaissance man. His hobbies vary from collecting sunglasses, to mountain biking, to climbing cranes. His dream is to be the first person to make contact with aliens.