Haskell to MIT 6.005 FP pseudocode pretty-printer
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    hacked up by Edward Z. Yang

Hat-tip to the HughesPJ pretty-printer combinators and the original
implementation of the pretty-printer in Language.Haskell.Pretty.

Usage is very simple:

    runghc transform.hs FILENAME.hs

You will need to do some post-processing:

    * Adding types to all arguments (since that's what they want)
        (TODO: I bet we could build this in using f (a :: Int) = ...)
    * Giving all data structure fields names
    * Add comments (the parser doesn't build syntax for them, so we
      can't give them back to you.)

Known bugs:

    * Doesn't handle the pattern x:y:xs correctly, so you need to
      hint the right fixness with x:(y:xs)
    * Doesn't handle type signatures for higher order functions

Doesn't support translating all syntax, known differences include:

    * At-bindings, e.g. a@(Constructor x y)
    * Let...In...
    * Case...Of...
        For these three, you can probably get away by telling course
        staff what you mean.
    * Lambda functions
        Separate this out to a helper function.
    * Currying
        Just don't.  Currying is hard to understand to the uninitiated.
    * Record syntax
        Haskell relies on positional arguments for simple
        data-structures; 6.005 wants you to be explicit.  In theory
        record syntax gets you this, in practice you don't actually want
        to muck up your Haskell code.  Fix this manually.
    * Do-notation
        Just don't use monads.
    * User defined infix operators
        Just don't.

This loses data (that the 6.005 staff doesn't care about), in

    * Module information
    * Imports

I recommend turning off the implicit Prelude (by doing an
``import Prelude ()``) and then importing functions as necessary.
The 6.005 course staff might get mad at you if you use too much
Prelude goodness.