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let rec repeat n thunk =
if n == 0 then ()
else (thunk (); repeat (n-1) thunk)
(* RNG initialization and debugging output. You can modify the
* generator and seed using GSL_RNG_TYPE and GSL_RNG_SEED. We
* reseed OCaml's RNG with this, so our program is entirely
* deterministic based on these parameters. *)
let () =
Gsl_error.init ();
Gsl_rng.env_setup ()
let rng = Gsl_rng.make (Gsl_rng.default ())
let () =
Printf.printf "\027[34m";
Printf.printf "gsl rng type=%s seed=%nu\n" ( rng) (Gsl_rng.default_seed());
let seed = Nativeint.to_int (Gsl_rng.get rng) in
Random.init seed;
Printf.printf "ocaml rng seed=%d (first gsl rng output)\n" seed;
Printf.printf "\027[0m";
Printf.printf "\n"
(** Creates a sketch with parameters [epsilon] and [delta], increments
a random key (determined by the [kf] thunk) [n] times, and then
returns a tuple of this sketch and a hash table contanining the
true counts of the values. *)
let generate ~epsilon ~delta ~n ~kf =
let s = Cminsketch.make epsilon delta in
let t = Hashtbl.create (n/8) in (* Worst case needs to grow 3 times *)
(* It's not necessary to test higher increments, since they
* are equivalent to calling the function that many times
* (so we punt to the underling random distribution in kf). *)
repeat n (fun () -> let k = kf () in
Cminsketch.update s k 1;
Hashtbl.replace t k (try Hashtbl.find t k + 1 with Not_found -> 1)
(s, t)
(** List of distributions we'll test with. These functions are suitable
to be passed in as the [kf] parameter in [generate]. *)
let distributions = [
fun () -> Gsl_randist.poisson rng 10.0;
let some_distribution = fun () -> Nativeint.to_int (Gsl_rng.get rng)
let () =
let n = 50000
and input_epsilon = 0.0001
and input_delta = 0.8 in
let (s,t) = generate input_epsilon input_delta n some_distribution in
let epsilon = Cminsketch.epsilon s
and delta = s in
let margin = float_of_int n *. epsilon in
Printf.printf "epsilon=%.5f delta=%.5f norm=%n, margin=%.0f\n" epsilon delta n margin;
Printf.printf "width=%d depth=%d size=%d\n" (Cminsketch.width s) (Cminsketch.depth s) (Cminsketch.size s);
let wrong =
let wrongref = ref 0 in
(fun k x ->
let y = Cminsketch.query s k in
let f = float_of_int (abs (x - y)) in
if f > margin then wrongref := !wrongref + 1
else ()
!wrongref in
let domain_size = Hashtbl.length t in
Printf.printf "domain=%d\n" domain_size;
if Cminsketch.size s > domain_size
then Printf.printf "\027[33mWARNING: Sketch is bigger than hash table\027[0m\n"
else ();
let wrong_bound = delta
and wrong_rate = (float_of_int wrong /. float_of_int domain_size) in
Printf.printf "wrong: bound=%.5f actual=%.5f\n" wrong_bound wrong_rate;
Printf.printf "\n";
(* some statistics about the variance from true value would be cool *)
if wrong_bound > wrong_rate
then Printf.printf "\027[1m\027[32mOK\027[0m\n"
else Printf.printf "\027[1m\027[31mFAIL\027[0m\n"