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POS enhancement for ERPNext
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Pos Bahrain

Pos Enhancement over the default POS of ERPNext

  1. Opening Cash (Doctype) - Cashier to enter the opening cash received.
  2. Closing Cash Voucher Customized to Display opening cash for that cashier and the total sales from Opening Cash Voucher time/date till the Closing cash voucher time/date.
  3. Print Barcode from POS - (Example Receipt No. in Barcode Code128A.)
  4. Batch Number in POS View with expiry Date.
  5. UOM Field In item list to change UOM of the item.
  6. Make batch number naming Series.
  7. Fetch item number directly in JS using Material Receipt/Purchase receipt Item selection.
  8. Select Default Warehouse in Purchase receipt - (Multi Company Scenerio).
  9. Shortcut Key to press Pay in POS - Used F9 to press Pay.
  10. Focus back to Item Search field for user to input next item directly. (When Batch item is scanned)
  11. POS to Fetch only those batch and Items which are in stock in the POS profile selected warehouse.
  12. Show Expiry Date while selecting Batch from drop down in Stock Entry (Material Receipt).
  13. Limiting reports to respected company.
  14. Return from offline POS.
  15. Simple Sales and Purchase Register Reports.
  16. Customer Item-Wise Sales Report.
  17. Item Consumption Report.
  18. Item-Wise Sales Return.
  19. Simple Batch Expiry Report.
  20. Customer Sales Summary.
  21. Generate Print format for Closing Voucher.

Future Updates



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