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Montreal Powerhouse's website.
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Montreal Powerhouse

Montreal Powerhouse is an awesome online coaching company. I made this website for them as they needed a new e-commerce platform and blog, and I needed some professional experience. I decided to design and code it from scratch.

Since I wanted the site to have good SEO and performance out of the box, I used a JAMstack approach. The integration of third-party APIs also made up for my lack of knowledge in back-end programming at the time.

Technologies used

  • Gridsome - A static-site generator based on Vue.js
  • SASS
  • Contentful - A headless CMS, perfect for easy content integration
  • Netlify - The best CDN static-site hosting service
  • Facebook Messenger API - For a live chat connecting you directly to Montreal Powerhouse's facebook page
  • Paypal API - For all transactions
  • Disqus - For the comment section on articles
  • ShareThis - To allow easy sharing of articles on social media
  • Google Analytics
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