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Match Box is a Dropbox type clone that you can install on your personal server to remotely backup your files without worrying about Dropbox getting a hold of them.

Match Box uses the Flask web framework for the server, and all files are transfered using the HTTP protocol.

How To Setup

Step 1: Copy to your server that you plan to host your Match Box Server.

Step 2: Open and edit username and password to your own information you would like to use.

Step 3: Start (python

Step 4: Start the client in a new folder (python

Step 5: Enter your info as needed. (Url should be http://url:5000)

Step 6: Now, every file  inserted into that folder will be uploaded. If a file is removed from that directory it will be automatically downloaded again.


There are two shell commands available in the current version.

rm <file> - Deletes a file on both server side, and client side.

ls - Lists all the files in the current folder.
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