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USB armory: open source flash-drive-sized computer
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USB armory |
Copyright (c) F-Secure Corporation

The USB armory from F-Secure Foundry is an open source hardware design, implementing a flash drive sized computer.

This repository is aimed towards developers, if you wish to purchase a USB armory board please see the USB armory project page.


Andrea Barisani |

Andrej Rosano |

Daniele Bianco |


The main documentation can be found on the project wiki.

Board revisions

Mk II Top Mk II Bottom

  • USB armory Mk I: first production release.

USB armory Mk I


USB armory |
Copyright (c) F-Secure Corporation

This is an open hardware design licensed under the terms of the CERN Open Hardware Licence (OHL) v1.2.

You may redistribute and modify this documentation under the terms of the CERN OHL v.1.2 ( This documentation is distributed WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING OF MERCHANTABILITY, SATISFACTORY QUALITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Please see the CERN OHL v.1.2 for applicable conditions.

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