Desktop Photo Management software built on top of the Gnome platform, F-Spot
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F-Spot Photo Manager


  • Join the chat at
  • Also on #f-spot on gimpnet

Build Status

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- GNOME development libraries 2.4 or later,

- Mono 3.8.2 or later,

- gtk-sharp 2.12.2 or later,

- Sqlite 2.8.6 or later

- liblcms 2 or later,

- hicolor-icon-theme 0.10 or later,

- gnome-icon-theme 3.10.0 or later,

- taglib-sharp or later,

- dbus-sharp 0.8 or later,

- dbus-sharp-glib 0.6 or later,

- NuGet 2.14, if you want to build and run unit tests

The following requirements are automatically installed by make via NuGet if you enable tests.

- NUnit 2.6.4

- Moq 4.2

Installing missing Certificates

On distributions like Fedora or Mageia, Mono installations come without root certificates installed, and those may not necessarily be synced from the local root certificates as a post installation step either. So on a fresh install, you may need to use the cert-sync tool in order to sync your local root certificates into the Mono truststore

More details in the Mono 3.12 Release Notes

To invoke the tool manually use

sudo cert-sync /path/to/ca-bundle.crt

On Debian systems, that’s

sudo cert-sync /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

and on Red Hat derivatives (Fedora, CentOS, Mageia, etc...) it’s

sudo cert-sync /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt

Your distribution might use a different path, if it’s not derived from one of those.


To compile, just go through the normal autogen/configure stuff and then make install.


To launch F-Spot, run $(prefix)/bin/f-spot.

With MonoDevelop

If you want to use MonoDevelop to build and run F-Spot here are notes about that process.

There are a few steps you have to run before you can open MonoDevelop:

1.  ./ (on ubuntu you have to do ./
2.  cd build; make
3.  cd lib/libfspot; make
4.  sudo make install (this will install the files)


1. ./ prefix={some/path}

I like to do ~/staging

This will build a couple tools in ./build that are needed to build the projects in ./lib.

Once these two directories are built you can now open monodevelop and build and run f-spot from there.