dot-are-sea - a thinger for spreading your config files around
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what the hell am i looking at?

a thinger for syncing your .rc files between machines


so many virtual machines, so many homedirs, so much variation in config...


  • a cute shell based ui so that you can:
    • tell it about machines
    • tell it about ssh keys
    • tell it which configs you care about
    • tell it what "class" a machine is from (webserver or something)
    • tell it what dist the machine runs (so it can account for redhat/debian madness)
    • tell your shell that you want it running when you login
  • assorted backends, most likely some kind of vc backend, REST or DAV, scp/rsync
  • secure and sneaky so your ssh keys don't go anywhere (unless you ask for them to)
  • optoutable, so that you can have different versions of the same file per host (like your public_html/ at work can be more sensible than the one you have on your blog!)

It'll keep your configs uniform, and sensible ... like a user specific cfengine, I suppose

maybe it should include checks on the version of programs on the machine, so it doesn't install stuff that will break config on old apps?


./dot-are-sea .rc> ? init set up storage sync
add keep an eye on these files for me --perbox add --redhat-prefix foo bar when syncing on redhat, foo is prefixed by bar ... maybe? unadd forget it