quick shell based editing of rows in a dbic schema
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what the hell am I looking at?

a shell based ... thigner... for editing rows in your dbic schema


'cause i've written this thing a couple of times (quite poorly) in a couple of my applications

and on occasion i need to fiddle about with data because i wrote something so stupidly broken that it ruined everything...

what else?

I haven't written it yet.


not really.

i guess i'll want to do some of these things though:

  • harass the schema for a list of "things" it has

  • harass the Results for a list of fields to set, and methods to call and a template to display them (or use overload) and some related things?...

  • find a thing, and edit it, then either keep or discard the result of editing

  • maybe i could read form configs from catalyst applications so i can make use of some of the formfu/formbulder/formhandler declarations

  • allow for "tagging" of things in a schmea by a user

    • that is marking them as "interesting"
      • a "user" is interesting, the table that joins it to groups is not
      • a product is interesting, the individuals who ordered it are not (although they might be interesting in aggregate)
    • stash these things
      • in the working copy, so others can use them?
      • in your homedir so they work with different checkouts of the same schema?
      • on ebay?
  • allow for some simple (read bad) reports to be defined and stashed

    • reports being a pair of hashes for ->search and a format string
  • something for loading a user record based on the $[<()>]

    • and then use it for filling in "audit tables" and things