some handy mojomojo bits
Perl CSS Shell


This is some useful stuff for mojomojo. You might find them useful too.

SUPER USEFUL THINGS ----------------------------------------------------------

	- this is my super sexy App::Cmd for doing mojomojo stuff
	- it is half code lifted from misc util scripts in the main mojo repo
	  and half itch scratching

	- import command is super helpful for loading up:
		- directories of markdown files
		- mediawiki xml files

	- I plan on patching in stuff for converting markups using
	  Text::Markup (that means I'll be loading html)

	- This thing is going to destroy everything in your database, on your 
	 file system and in your environment. It contains bruit force and 
	 ignorance, at best.

DEBIAN BITS ------------------------------------------------------------------

The very sensual jawnsy rolled together a debian package.
What a handy critter jawnsy is!

	- edit it to point to below 
	- copy this to this in /etc/init.d 
	- then symlink it in /etc/rc2.d/
	- this is a tampered wtih
	  (only for the sake of changing conf =>'s path)

	- I feel like hacking this to be more useful and pushing upstream 
	  is a more helpful idea ... 

	- the config for

	- this is from /etc/nginx/sites-available/
	- it has the action to go with 

SOME OTHER THINGS ------------------------------------------------------------


	- the theme for my blogothing!

	- I symlinked crap in /usr/share/perl5/MojoMojo/root/{static,}/themes 

	- it uses 's trickery to be friendly to assorter 
	  browsing things.

	- logging in gets you a really fucked up view of everything
	  because I don't care. nobody gets to be logged in but me, damn it.


	- my mojomojo config
	- i'm thinking of templating it for the sake of lotsa mojomojos
	- sqlite and indexes in /opt/mojomojo/somekit
		(this directory needs to be writable by the httpd)