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BLOG is my personal space to write about anything and everything.
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😱 How to use utf8 in Perl and don't go crazy
UTF-8 is the only way to fly, and I hope everyone can agree with that. It's like mescaline :P


🎱 On a long enough timeline the random rate for everything drops to zero
The truth is, nothing’s random. We just don’t have enough power to predict it. Yet.


💩 Eat your own dog food, dammit
Always use you core product — because if you don’t like it, then be sure others won’t like it as well.


🏴‍☠️ I made a blog of this GitHub repo
There are so many options to create a blog on the web these days! Oh what to do, how to live...



📙 Quick Notes

  1. Deleting tons of files in Linux: find . -type f -print -delete
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