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🏴‍☠️ I made a blog of this GitHub repo

There are so many options to create a blog on the web these days! But with most of these options you give away the control of your content. Medium recently started forcing people to register or log in just to read articles. Wordpress is a fully-featured cow. Blogspot... who uses Blogspot anymore? Then there're the niche platforms that appear on Show HN ever month. So many choices!

Ok, why don't we take a step back. For one, I want to control my content – git lets me sync, good. For two, I want markdown – GitHub does that, good. For three, I don't want comments – well, there aren't any. But for four, I want a bit of social stuff – ok, if you've got an issue with this blog: create an Issue! If you want to bookmark the blog: star it! If you want to get notifications: watch it! If you want to contribute to this blog: fork it and make a pull request!

Finally, GitHub dashboard let's me create and edit files, so I have a basic text editor right here. What more would I want?

PS. It took me 10 minutes to set this blog up, including writing this post. Probably because there's basically nothing to set up.

PPS. It took me 30 minutes more to figure out why README links don't work on mobile unless tapped twice. Turns out, if you put a link in a link, Safari on iOS fires the first on one tap, and the second one on another. And this linking sandwich happens automatically if you add a link to the markdown header – because each header on GitHub already is an anchor link...


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