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#include <time.h>
#define LOG_RFC3164 0
#define LOG_RFC5424 1
typedef struct {
/* configuration */
int priority; /* RFC3164/4.1.1 PRI Part */
char* sender; /* sender hostname */
char* name; /* sending program name */
int pid; /* sending program pid */
int format; /* RFC3164 or RFC5424 */
/* resource handles */
int sock; /* socket fd */
/* internal state */
time_t last_time; /* time when the prefix was last generated */
char* linebuf; /* log line, including prefix and message */
int bufsize; /* current size of linebuf */
size_t prefix_len; /* length of the prefix string */
char* msg_start; /* pointer into linebuf after end of prefix */
/* error reporting */
const char* err; /* error string */
} LogSyslogFast;
LogSyslogFast* LSF_alloc();
int LSF_init(LogSyslogFast* logger, int proto, const char* hostname, int port, int facility, int severity, const char* sender, const char* name);
int LSF_destroy(LogSyslogFast* logger);
int LSF_set_receiver(LogSyslogFast* logger, int proto, const char* hostname, int port);
void LSF_set_priority(LogSyslogFast* logger, int facility, int severity);
void LSF_set_facility(LogSyslogFast* logger, int facility);
void LSF_set_severity(LogSyslogFast* logger, int severity);
int LSF_set_sender(LogSyslogFast* logger, const char* sender);
int LSF_set_name(LogSyslogFast* logger, const char* name);
void LSF_set_pid(LogSyslogFast* logger, int pid);
void LSF_set_format(LogSyslogFast* logger, int format);
int LSF_get_priority(LogSyslogFast* logger);
int LSF_get_facility(LogSyslogFast* logger);
int LSF_get_severity(LogSyslogFast* logger);
const char* LSF_get_sender(LogSyslogFast* logger);
const char* LSF_get_name(LogSyslogFast* logger);
int LSF_get_pid(LogSyslogFast* logger);
int LSF_get_format(LogSyslogFast* logger);
int LSF_get_sock(LogSyslogFast* logger);
int LSF_send(LogSyslogFast* logger, const char* msg, int len, time_t t);
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