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>>> Русская версия этого документа <<<


The Antistasi-non-official is a cooperative mission for ARMA 3 (COOP / CTI / PvE), an unofficial version. It is an unofficial mod of Antistasi 1.55. You will lead a guerrilla movement and win the trust of 51% of city dwellers. To solve this problem, you have access to both the direct hostilities (the seizure of military facilities and mines), and sabotage actions (bank robbery, destruction of warlords, undermining the radio towers and more).

Differences between this mission and the official one - read below. The official version of Antistasi can be found at http://www.a3antistasi.com

Mission features:

  • Economics of both sides which can be sabotaged by your or enemy actions;
  • Ability to contol your squads like in a strategy;
  • Full set of weapons and vehicles;
  • Long campaign duration (up to a few months).

Differences between Antistasi-non-official and official Antistasi 1.55:

  • All weapons in the arsenal are unlocked;
  • Enemy soldiers treat unconscious soldiers;
  • Changed gameplay: less routine, more combat and action;
  • Mission is localized and translated into Russian;
  • Added in-game documentation in Russian.


  • checkout this repo into dir: c:\Users\\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions
  • in game you mast select: Network -> Browser sever -> Host-game -> Altis -> Antistasi (Russian edition) -> PLAY

Run Dedicated server:

  • In yore steam-client you mast select: "Library -> Tool -> Arma 3 Server -> Install"
  • Change dir to config (in this repo);
  • Copy server.Arma3Profile to directory c:\Users\\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\server
  • Copy server.bat and server.cfg to dir d:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server
  • Copy A3-Antistasi.Altis.pbo to dir d:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\mpmissions
  • Run d:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\server.bat

The list of differences from the official 1.55 release:

  • Supported languages
    • English;
    • Russian.
  • New damage system
    • Completely re-written scripts:
      • handledamage.sqf
      • inconsciente.sqf
      • pedirayuda.sqf
      • ayudar.sqf
    • If a soldier gets lethal damage (from high caliber weapons or explosions) there is a chance he will instantly die without opportunity of revival by another friendly soldier;
    • The probability of getting lethal damage is set with variable _damAccumLimitConst.
    • While you are lying unconscious there is a chance that enemy soldiers will finish you off.
    • If you die, the cause of death is specified, who shot you and who finished you off.
    • Friendly AI soldiers treat allied players regardless of their squad.
    • The death camera circles around you or around the AI who is running to revive you.
    • Simplified treatment algorithm, now AI soldiers get to the player much faster.
    • The nearest AI soldier can treat you, regardless of whether he is a medic or not.
    • If the AI soldier passing by is closer, then he will treat you.
  • Enemy AI soldiers can treat each other too
    • The damage system is unified, it works both for allies and enemies.
    • The chance to get lethal damage for enemy is almost 3 times higher than for friendlies.
    • Players can heal an unconscious enemy soldier and he will surrender if there are no enemies closer than 10 meters.
    • Players get money both for finishing enemies off and if the enemy runs out of blood while unconscious.
  • Improved FPS
    • Auto delete the garbage every 35 minutes.
    • Some houses are removed: 15% houses overall and 30% of houses in Kavala.
    • Performance settings by default: lower civilian spawn rate, etc.
    • The number of cars in cities is reduced.
    • The number of soldiers in the garrison is limited to 20.
    • The minefields are NOT loaded after restart.
    • The "roadDB" system is removed (it affects pathfiding of vehicles in cities).
  • More dynamic gameplay
    • All weapons in the Arsenal are unlocked, now there is no need to collect weapons.
    • The arsenal can be accessed at all ammo boxes: players can rearm after capturing a base or an outpost.
    • The HQ management menu now available at all flags.
    • The 'Resign commander' option has been added to the Y-menu.
    • All bought vehicles are unlocked by default.
    • Increased amount of money awarded to players.
    • Now players don't lose money after death.
    • The dead body removal timer has been increased so you can gather weapons and ammo more comfortably.
    • New cars and armored vehicles have been added to the 'Buy vehicle' manu.
    • AA soldiers have been added both to garrison and to the recruitment menu.
    • Rifles for the garrison are not random any more, but are taken from a predefined list.
    • Garrison is dressed in normal uniform and armor from the beginning of the game.
    • If you were undercover and have been discovered, the "undercover" button will work again after 3 minutes.
    • If you were undercover and have been discovered, now it is sufficient to run away 350 meters from enemies, then you can click the "undercover" button again.
  • Ingame documentation
    • The in-game documentation is shown to a player after the first respawn.
    • All items in the ingame documentation answer the Frequently Asked Questions about Antistasi.
    • At the bottom of the documentation dialog box there is a "Do not show this dialog" button.
    • The button to open the documentation has been added to the Y-menu and to the map at the HQ.
  • Player location marker
    • Completely rewritten script:
      • playermarkers.sqf
    • Radio is no longer needed to display the location of other players.
    • The map shows not only other players, but the player himself.
    • Fixed bug: players who have left the game by pressing Alt + F4 are no longer shown on the map.
    • AI soldiers from tour squad are now also shown on the map.
  • Visual effects
    • Added random weather script.
    • Added snow effect and steam from mouth effect.
    • Enemy objects are now marked RED instead of GREEN.
    • Changed colors in the Y-menu.
    • Added post-effects enhancing image contrast.
    • The New year logo of the mission.
  • Administration
    • Added debug console and Zeus mode for the administrator.
    • Bug fixed: after a while, there is a thick fog that interfered with gameplay.
    • When the RHS AFRF is used, enemy soldiers remain the same.
      • Russian players did not like to fight against Russian troops, however, they liked to shoot russian weapons. Therefore, enemy soldiers remain AAF, but you can get RHS weapons in the arsenal.
    • When a players enters the server, he is assigned the first free slot automatically.
    • The difference in classes: Only medics can treat to 100%, only engineers can repair vehicles.
      • Earlier different classes had different "fatigue" "camouflage" level, This was puzzling for players, so it was removed.
    • Disabled questions at server startup. Now default settings are: Switch commander - no, Server list - no, Load last save - yes.
    • If Petros dies, the HQ is automatically relocated to the original place.
      • Previously in case of Petros death the commander was shown a map to relocate the HQ. If the commander quit the game at this moment, the mission would freeze, as Petros is dead, HQ is inactive and there is no way to place a new one.
    • The HQ relocation has been removed at first mission start.
    • Game type has been changed to CTI, so players can easier find this mission.