Emco Turn 120/220 toolchanger driver
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Emco Turn 120/220 toolchanger driver

This is a driver for the EmcoTurn 120/220 original 8 positions ATC.

This design is derived from the excellent Toolerator 3000 USB controlled driver. EATC-120 is adding MODBUS capabilities for easy integration with an industrial environment:

  • Single 24V power supply with embedded 5V DC/DC converter.
  • The “brain” of the module is an Arduino Micro.
  • The motor is driven by an LMD18245T providing current control.
  • The lock status is automatically detected by measuring the peak current when the motor stalls.
  • Everything is reported in MODBUS registers.

Integration with Machinekit/LinuxCNC is easy thanks to “mb2hal” HAL component.

EATC-120 picture